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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pokémon Go Fest concludes with the discontent of much of its attendees

Last weekend, Niantic, developer company of Pokemon GO, held a real event for this game so popularized worldwide, available for both iOS and Android. The event was called Pokémon Go Fest, in which fans from all over the world flocked to Chicago for Pokémon hunting at Grant Park. Prior to the event, Niantic increased the pledge of Pokémon encounters, challenges and rewards for the three teams in the game, as well as an exclusive medal in the game, Poke-Special Stops and more.

Generalized discontent in the first Pokémon Go Fest

Unfortunately, the event celebrating its first anniversary ended with widespread discontent among attendees due, once again, to network problems and game errors perceived by some of the 20,000 visitors to Chicago. Mike Quigley, marketing director, describes in the following text the problems caused to the fans during the event:
"This is a network problem. One vendor is trying to improve bandwidth, so it's something we're working closely with on them, "said Mike Quigley OCM on stage. "The other two issues are on the Niantic side. There is a serious mistake that we have identified. I know some of you have had that issue, as well as an authentication problem, so we have it completely identified with those three things. "
Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO already showed what it was actually augmented play
Some fans, speaking to CNBC, said the problems became less frequent as the day progressed, as Niantic began to implement quick fixes in the game. One of the measures taken was the reduction of animations during the game to get more fluid to run.
"I've spent more time trying to get the game loaded than I could play," said Laura, who was using a phone with AT & T service. But from the outset, network problems were affecting all four of them. Major US suppliers. "It was tough in the morning," said Abbie Harrison, a Verizon customer. "They are turning off animations for lures and other things to make it work better. It's working better now. I was having trouble connecting. It was very irregular and nothing showed on my screen. Now I can really see and do things. "

Solutions and new dates

In response to this flaw, Niantic is offering those who went to "Pokémon Go Fest" in Chicago a full refund of their tickets, $ 20, as well as a $ 100 credit in the game in the form of Pokécoins. The developer has also expanded the range of Pokémon and Poké-Stops that appeared during the event to a two-mile radius, giving attendees the opportunity to move further away from Grant Park and get a better special cellular reception.
The event marked the beginning of legendary Pokémon that appear already in the game. To login problems, Niantic is giving away to all registered attendees "Lugia" in their Pokémon Go accounts.
Game errors, crashes and server problems have been associated with Pokémon Go since the app was released last summer, which Niantic has been largely solving with several updates for the game. With Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago already have been proposed similar events in other places, being Yokohama one of them.

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