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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reasons to buy a Macbook before an iPad in 2017

A few days ago we were discussing what were the strongest points to choose an iPad Pro before a MacBook to work, and today we bring you the second part where we tell you why you should choose a MacBook before an iPad for this type of tasks .

Updates are always very important

Any Apple product has always accustomed us to having a long life of software updates, but without a doubt the most useful products are the MacBook , capable of being updated for periods of six or eight years.
Precisely because of this and if you buy one of these products to work with it for a long time without updating it for a more modern one, perhaps you should consider buying a MacBook that offers you a few more years of software updates before an iPad.

Useful life

IPad Pro and MacBook

When we acquire any technological product we must take into account that it will have a useful life in which we can use it, once this product is passed it will no longer be useful and we must do with another .
Precisely because of this, if you are one of those people who know the technology world, you should know that any MacBook will surely have a longer life than an iPad, simply by the specifications of GPU, CPU or battery among others.


MacBook Pro office
It is true that in different tests performed on both products, the iPad has proven to live up to the most powerful MacBook, but if you truly are a user who needs to perform very heavy tasks like editing images and videos among others with your work tool, The MacBook is a better choice for this type of tasks.
All these are the reasons why you should choose a MacBook before an iPad to work, but also should bear in mind that products like the iPad Pro lack a keyboard that comes with the product and if you want to work with you will have to pay for one , Situation that together with the aforementioned, serves to opt for the MacBook in its different configurations as an ideal product to work with .

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