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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Samsung ahead of Apple and positioning itself as the most profitable company

Concluded the second quarter of the year is the time to show the financial results of each company. Apple is usually at the center of all eyes for being the company in which hatred and sympathy go hand in hand, practically in equal parts. Estimates suggest that this time its main rival, Samsung, will advance Apple , placing in the most profitable company in the world for the first time.
The company Samsung has informed today that it expects a record operating profit in the second quarter of the year, which corresponds to the months of April to June, both included. The figures amounted to 10,510 million euros in a turnover of 43,790 million euros. As we say, with these figures, Apple would hand over the top spot to Samsung, the most profitable new company in the world .

Samsung, the most profitable in the world

After knowing the forecasts published by the company chanted, expect to achieve a profit around 10,600 million euros in the second quarter of the year. A forecast that would mean a 72% increase over the same period of the previous year , also being above the most optimistic forecasts of related market analysts.
Samsung Apple
Samsung is positioned as the most profitable company
They are only estimates estimated by themselves (Samsung) but to confirm they would be the best results ever achieved by your company . Today Apple expects to generate a profit lower than the aforementioned of the Korean company.
If we look at the billing generated by both companies we see how again Samsung takes the lead Apple, specifically the Korean company expects to reach 45,415 million euros, while Apple would be in second place with 39,306 million euros. For Samsung, it represents a year-on-year growth of 17.8% .
There are several reasons behind Samsung's record numbers. Some of the reasons may be the growing demand for memory chips , which would add to the price increase . With these figures, Samsung would close the crisis caused by its already outdated Galaxy Note 7, created by the continuous problems with its batteries. Not only would they forget that crisis, but they have also surpassed it with record numbers.
In addition, they have re-released a corrected version of the terminal only in South Korea, but this time with a new name: Fan Edition.

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