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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Samsung and Google support Apple in legal dispute against Qualcomm

Today Apple has announced that it is receiving the support of many technology companies to assist in their legal dispute with Qualcomm. As reported by Reuters, the Association of Computer and Communications Industries, which is made up of technology companies such as Samsung, Intel, Google, Amazon and more, today presented the comments of the United States International Trade Commission arguing That a ban on importing iPhones could harm consumers.

Samsung supports Apple in its fight against Qualcomm

The group claims to be against the CCI by blocking Apple for the import of iPhone with Intel's modem chips , as called for by Qualcomm. Such a move could lead to "significant" shocks to the supply of smartphones, thereby hurting consumers and raising prices.
Qualcomm Offices
Qualcomm Offices

"They argued that unless importing Apple assembled iPhone using Intel Corp chips, as called for by Qualcomm, would cause" significant supply shocks "to the phones and would harm consumers.
"If the ICC wanted to grant this foreclosure order, it would help Qualcomm to use its monopoly power for a greater advantage over Apple and allow them to raise prices on consumer devices," said Ed Black, CEO of the group, it's a statement.
"What's at stake here is definitely the availability of the iPhone and other smartphones at better prices."
Members of the CCIA include Google, Samsung, Intel, Facebook, Uber, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, and more. Apple stays out of this group by not being a member.
Apple - Qualcomm
Logos of Apple and Qualcomm
Earlier this month, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit officially for a patent infringement against Apple. The company is asking US regulators to investigate which iPhone models use Intel modems as well as the sales of those devices, claiming that they use technology that violates the patents of the prosecution.
The battle between the two companies began earlier this year when the Federal Trade Commission accused Qualcomm of forcing Apple to use its chips . Apple then filed a $ 1 billion lawsuit against Qualcomm, which Qualcomm sued against them.
Tim Cook first said he was open to a solution to this legal battle, to which he was joined by the CEO of his rival, who has recently expressed similar sentiments, although the case continues to increase and Apple continues to increase its number of poveedores.

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