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Monday, July 24, 2017

Samsung shakes: Apple to develop its own OLED panels

As we have been commenting for many months, the next renewal of the California company would incorporate new features in the flagship of the American company such as wireless charging or OLED screens .
To date, Samsung is the main company in manufacturing this type of screens . And it is estimated that about 90 percent of the OLED screens on the market are carried out by the Korean firm.
That is why one of Apple's philosophies is exclusivity and its own ability to design and transform ideas into realities. From the devices to certain specific technologies are studied by the company in order to be able to apply them in their products.

Apple says goodbye to Samsung

In this way, Apple would avoid relying on Samsung to incorporate this technology, since the success of the iPhone would in turn benefit the Asian company itself. As indicated by Digitimes media, Apple would have opened a new research and development department in Taiwan to be able to create its own panels with OLED technology .
Apparently, Cupertino's signature would have tired of dependence on Samsung , after detecting a delay in manufacturing the panels of the screen for the next iPhone 8. Recall that a his day Apple forgot Samsung in the development of The processors of the iPhone 7, since since that time TSMC is the one in charge of the absolute production of the processors of the American mark.
From my point of view this would be a good thing for Apple. Despite being in a globalized and subdivided market, in which we all depend on everyone, in the case of Apple and knowing their capabilities, that firm would be able to create a prototype OLED panel manufactured by themselves .
Fighting between Apple and Samsung
We do not know if at first this agreement would be carried out by means of the merger of two entities of the sector. Meanwhile, Samsung will supply about 160 million panels to the apple company in the next two years.

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