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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Samsung to build world's largest OLED display factory

The Korean website, ETNews has announced that Samsung is planning to build the world's largest OLED display manufacturing facility.
Samsung's current OLED display plant is already huge, but it is rumored that it could grow 30% more than its current capacity , making it the largest in the world.

Increased manufacture of OLED screens

The sources that have shown this news have remained anonymous in their industry and have suggested the attempt that mass production in the factory called A5 would begin in 2019, with a maximum yield of between 180,000 and 270,000 screens per month.
IPhone concept with OLED display
IPhone 8 concept with OLED display
Another leak received reports that the Samsung Display factory known as the A3, has been expanding since the second half of 2015 to meet the demand for OLED screensin both its sister company Samsung Electronics and Apple.
All these reports lead us to conclude that it is increasingly certain that the new iPhone 8 , which will see the light next fall, will include the OLED screen, thus becoming the first iPhone with this kind of new screen. In fact, we made some predictions of the demand that Apple will need and is placed in "extra-spherical" figures. These numbers would range from 70 million to 92 million Samsung OLED panels , exclusively for the new iPhone, also known as the iPhone 8.
3D component Tocuch on OLED screen
3D component Tocuch on OLED screen
Giving this new iPhone with an OLED screen can mean a revolution in the screens of Apple, because not only we speak of a type of screen with better quality but also, we are sure that would bring more and better functionality to it, interacting directly with the device. As it was rumored, it would reach the edges of the same and with the possibility that the Touch ID is included in it .
From the NewCydiaTweaks we invite you to stay tuned to the news that directly or indirectly affect the output of the new iPhone 8 that hopes to focus all eyes and that if confirmed rumors both design and specifications, we would be Speaking of a totally revulsive device.
What are your expectations of the iPhone 8, related to the functionality of the new OLED screen that would include this device?

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