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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Say goodbye to bullying with your iPhone

Many have suffered as children and it is not easy to live with it. You stop worrying about your notes to be aware of who harasses you. Now it is much easier to harass someone and to be at home does not mean that you are safe, the Internet is not on our side . One in four school students who suffer from bullying also have to endure cyberbullying and in 92% of cases, this leaves psychological sequelae according to a study by the ANAR Foundation .
When a kid wants to harm another on the Internet, it is easiest to send many harmful text messages without a specific purpose. The victim can only defend himself by blocking the contact, but still doing this, all of the messages are still there and the person who has received them can not easily forget them.

How can we help bullying be eradicated?

Bullying with iPhoneTokApp has the answer to this question, since it has developed an application called "RompeBullying". This application adds new stickers to iMessage , which allow the victim to cover the abuser's messages of harassment with friendly messages in order to have a normal conversation. The original message is hidden from both the victim and the stalker .
This does not completely solve bullying, but it can leave the conscience of the victims calm and change the roles a little . In this way you can also have a conversation with your stalker, even if it is artificial. Without doubt, it is a good initiative to start eradicating bullying in our country.
This application can be downloaded for iOS from the AppStore. Of course, it is completely free for parents and students and has an average of 50 users per dayIn addition, TokApp is preparing an Android version so any student can protect himself from bullying.
Before ending the article, I want to give a piece of advice to the person who is reading this and suffer bullying : Tell him. Your parents and teachers, the worst thing you can do is not say anything or try to solve it on your own. Keep all harmful messages sent to you to demonstrate harassment.

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