Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Snapchat is updated to add smart backgrounds, real-time voice changes and snaps links

Snapchat , that App that everyone copied, has been updated today with important new features for the users of this social network. The most important innovation is the possibility of adding links to your snaps , so it is now possible, for example, to recommend webs or Apps. People who see it, with a simple vertical sweep, can visit that URL. It is used by the clip tool. Another new feature is Backdrops , a way to add nice backgrounds with drawings and patterns leaving the protagonists of the image above it, with a simple system that indicates approximately where the outline of a person or face we do not want That fund appear. Although we vaguely indicate the contour, The App will know exactly where the motive we want to highlight above that background, and cleverly, will separate it in an instant. Finally, we have voice filters , which change our voice to speak, for example, as a robot, everything about the brand. In this video, we can see how these new features work.
If you want to try all this, you can update Snapchat by clicking here .
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