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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Social and minor social networks

It is an undeniable fact that social networks are very fashionable. On certain occasions those of us who are of age sometimes encounter problems in this type of places, some silly little bit, some misunderstood word, even vexations or insults. If adults fall into it, imagine what a child can do that does not know the consequence of certain acts .
In Spain the most used social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even WhatsApp (yes, it is a social network), request a minimum age of 14 years to create an account. It is something that for a minor is not an impediment because you can create a profile by falsifying the date of birth .
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We probably find that our child under the age of 14 has an account on some of these networks . The most sensible thing is to eliminate that profile because they do not have the minimum age to have it. If you are over 14 and therefore legal age to have an account in these places, it is never a bad idea to follow a series of recommendations .

Tips for using networks with minors

  • Educate in their use, making them see that their actions in the networks can have consequences. A minor is not aware
  • Do not allow them to remain with strangers.
  • Monitor uploaded content, especially photos.
  • Do not give clues as to where they are. Here many parents act irresponsibly by publishing in great detail where they are on vacation and even when.
  • Set rules for the use of the internet at home, especially mobile devices,
  • If changes in the child's behavior are appreciated, investigate if there may be cyberbullying.
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The list can be very numerous , it is normal not to cut the wings. Social networks have a positive side and are a great tool of communication and fun, although our role must be that of vigilantes. So let's not make a catastrophe if our 15-year-old daughter has a profile on Facebook, but we do take that role of protector-accompanist . Adults are us, and therefore, responsible for their actions.

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