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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Spotify is updated, is it time to fight Apple Music?

Spotify and Apple Music have already been a long time making clear their rivalry. Although a month ago, the first reached 140 million users , today seeks to overcome even more the application of the Cupertino with a new mode, driving mode, which will bring a lot of news that we can consult in the Web of .

Can Driving Mode compete with Apple Music?

We will be short, and this new Spotify mode is coming to all our devices in a new update , so soon we will know all the new features that brings us. If you prefer to know all the information in detail, you can stop by AndroidGENS , where they tell us everything about the new function of this application , but, in a nutshell, it is an improvement to make life easier at the wheel.
There is no doubt that everything that comes to improve our safety at the wheel, especially if it helps us avoid getting the mobile often . However, it must be stressed that in this aspect, despite this new update, still behind Apple Music , and that it has a greater integration with our browser. This is the case of cars that have Apple CarPlay, with which we can handle with our voice practically all aspects of the reproduction of our music thanks to Siri , how do you stay Spotify?
Anyway, we will still have to wait to see if these new features can stand in the way of the Cupertino boys' alternative , although everything tends to be a measure with a view to gaining fans rather than offering really useful functionalities. What do you think? Would you switch to Spotify for the new Driving Mode?

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