Monday, July 31, 2017

Spotify reaches 60 million premium subscribers

Only 5 months after announcing that they had reached the 50 million subscribers subscribed to their non-free plans, Spotify today announced that the figure is now 60 million active users who, each month, go through box to enjoy without limitations Of all his musical catalog.
This shows that the growth of Spotify is being superior to that of Apple Music. In fact, if we see this graph, we can see that those months of advantage they had before the launch of Apple Music are really difficult to overcome for Apple. Apple Music also grows strongly, month by month, and having it installed as standard on any iPhone will sooner or later this distance between the two services will be reduced, but for now the only thing we can say is that Spotify is proving to be a formidable rival.
Spotify vs Apple Music sales evolution chart
Spotify is preparing to start listing, which will surely provide a good injection of money.
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