Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sticky Al, the application to create your stickers

The multimedia and communication society in which we live surrounded demands us more and more. This includes that our messages, which we communicate, have more and more content that is graphic and enter us through our eyes . That's why today we present a fun application called Sticky Al, with which you can compose funny and funny stickers to send to your contacts.
The stickers or stickers are very popular because messaging applications like Telegram or iMessage usethem . They serve to give a distinctive touch to our communications .
The app that we present today takes little more than a week in the App Store. It has a very simple interface and its installation does not present any complication. After giving the appropriate access permissions to the camera you can take a short video and start composing your own sticker .
Sticky Al uses the front camera to help you create your own stickers making you a selfie, and all in an incredibly fast way. You can create still and animated stickers. Best of all, you can save them on the photo reel and easily share them in your conversations, whether from WhatsApp, Telegram , or any of the ones we use . The laughs, which never go wrong, are therefore assured.
If there is something to emphasize of the handling of this program is the simplicity with which everything is done , recently it has been updated to Castilian, since until recently it was not and could only be used in English. It is very intuitive and easy to handle. As strengths I want to highlight:
  • A casual style and hilarious animations.
  • Bright and colorful backgrounds are very striking.
  • Simple and clean user interface, there is nothing farfetched.
Therefore, if you want to give another touch to your conversations do not hesitate to download and install it . We promise that he does what he says and he does it very well. If you do, leave us your comments with your impressions.

Sticky AI

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