Wednesday, July 5, 2017

"Surprise!" Samsung will launch a smart speaker similar to the HomePod

Yes, friends: Samsung does it again. A few weeks after Apple announced the launch of HomePod , the smartphone that, thanks to its tandem Siri, aims to become one of the coolest gadgets in  our home, the Korean company has slipped that they are also working on a device Similar, which will work with Bixby - Samsung's virtual assistant. And is that Samsung loves to follow in the footsteps of Apple, as has happened on countless occasions over the last few years ...
It was the Wall Street Journal which, in one of its latest reports, seems to confirm this rumor:
"Samsung is developing a loudspeaker that will be activated by voice, thanks to the integration of the Bixby virtual assistant. With it, aims to join the proliferation of this type of gadgets for the home.
However, it is not yet known when it will be launched. The English version of Bixby has been delayed, and our sources say many of the features and specifications of the speaker are still to be defined. But the project -internally called 'Vega'- has been in operation for over a year.
It is currently Amazon, with its Echo, which dominates the smartphone sector in the US - the market in which these devices are creating a trend today - with a 70% market share. Google Home would go right after, with 24%, while the rest of competitors is far behind.
Microsoft has also announced a Cortana-based loudspeaker, which will be released later this year, while the HomePod will arrive in December. The apple company has very high expectations placed on its smart speaker, and in fact some large-scale surveys reveal that 19% of Apple users are "very interested" in buying it . No wonder, therefore, that Samsung wants to join the party too ...
However, the Wall Street Journal report also notes that Samsung's interest in producing a smart speaker is not new - even if it is "suspicious" to slip this information just when the HomePod has been introduced:
"Vega is only Samsung's latest smartphone project, according to our sources. The company planned to debut in the sector in March 2015, with a project called 'Hive', but there were many problems with voice recognition, as well as other issues, and the product could not be finalized. "
These problems, apparently, would also be occurring in the English version of Bixby - which would be causing its delay - for the Galaxy S8. And, even if the problem is solved - the question will be solved later in the Spanish version, we assume ... - the effectiveness of the Samsung smartphone speaker with respect to other products is still unclear. Recall that, in the first tests, the press has welcomed the HomePod very positively .
You will have to wait to see in action this new Samsung gadget, and check how hard will be the competition for the HomePod ...
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