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Monday, July 24, 2017

The 13 hidden iPhone gestures you should know

Apple is known for keeping the operating systems of its devices closed, so they are plagued with restrictions and limitations. But at the same time, over the years the company has been introducing new functions in its products , especially in the iPhone and iPad.
In this article we will talk about 13 tactile gestures hidden in the mobile software belonging to the iPhone . Surely there are some you did not know!

1. Events in the Calendar

You do not need to access an event to press the "Edit" button to move it, in the Calendar app view, simply keep your finger on the event and move it wherever you want.

2. Discard

Surely more than once you have gone crazy trying to close a photo (pinching the screen, looking for the "Ok" button ...). The easiest way to discard a photo, card, or section on iOS is by sliding your finger down. It also works on WhatsApp.
Whatsapp on iPhone

3. Select multiple photos

If you're deleting images and videos in the Photos app, you should know that the easiest way to select multiple items at the same time is to press "Select" and swipe your finger from left to right among all the photos you want to select.

4. Fast moving

You already know that pressing twice on the status bar causes you to upload up to the top of the Safari web pages, but did you know that pressing in the space between icons in the bottom bar of Photos causes you to go down to the bottom?

5. Safari

  • Keep your finger on "Back" to view the history list.
  • Keep your finger on "Favorites" to add to the reading list.
  • Hold your finger on the action button to close all tabs.
  • Keep your finger pressed on the "Update" button to access the desktop version.

6. App Switcher

If you have an iPhone 6s or later models you can use the 3D Touch function on the left side of the iPhone to switch between applications. On the iPad you can do the same by sliding four fingers on the screen.

7. Capital letters

If you want to write a capital letter, simply keep your finger pressed on the "Shift" key as you move it to the desired letter.

8. Instagram

With 3D Touch, again, you can expand all the photos and videos of Instagram. Then move your finger to one side to explore the rest of the photos.

9. Calculator

If you want to delete a single number in the Calculator application, you only have to slide your finger left or right over the number field.

10. Flash Intensity

You can adjust the level of intensity of the Flash of your iPhone through the 3D Touch function in the Control Center.

11. Spotlight

In iOS 10.2 (or higher) go to any application and activate the Notifications Center, but do it slowly, this way you will see the Spotlight bar for quick searches.

12. Trackpad

Hold your finger on the iOS keyboard to turn it into a trackpad, hold, move left or right to move the cursor.

13. Mobile data

With iOS 11 Apple will allow you to customize the Control Center to add the mobile data feature. But in iOS 10 it is possible to use a quick access using the 3D Touch in the Settings app.

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