Friday, July 14, 2017

The App Store on iOS 11 would boost accessibility

It seems that when iOS 11 is available to the public , we will find very obvious changes, it is logical and expect, but it seems that there would also be a renewed App Store. Not only would these changes be aesthetic, but they would be somewhat deeper .
Where the new App Store really is going to become fascinating is when you consider your changes in the context of accessibility . The new design and the changes that can be made this year have great potential to positively impact the community that makes use of these accessibility options . For example, large headers combined with icons and high-contrast buttons (such as Apple Music) make browsing and downloading applications easier than ever.
These improvements make a world of difference for people with reduced visibility . The use of cards by the user interface makes application icons stand out, which makes it much easier to detect applications at a glance, while the new button and tab architecture makes navigation easier. It also reduces eye fatigue. Needs and tolerances vary, it's clear, but the design is a breakthrough for virtually anyone, regardless of their visual acuity.
IOS 11 beta
That kind of distraction-free environment makes for a clean interface. Put another way, many people find reading easier when there is nothing to distract their eyes from words . Apple, no doubt, will change not only the design of iOS but also the one of the App Store. While the design changes of the iOS 11 App Store are functional in nature, the editorial aspects can serve a greater good.
In short, it is about raising awareness: the editorial team of the App Store has the power to take advantage of Apple, as owner of a popular platform with large scale, to give greater impetus to accessibility . The App Store is about marketing, sales. However, Apple comes up with a substantial opportunity to give more support to accessibility. As with other loosely represented groups, the concerns of people with disabilities must be heard, and given the power of Apple and the impetus of application developers, these should be oriented towards accessibility and the people who They are in a privileged position to have more voice than ever before.
For Apple, the benefit is clear. It has a way of praising the virtues of its hardware and software with a simple message: "Our devices are the best for people with disabilities . Apple is not expected to highlight accessibility on an ongoing basis, however, the potential here is unbelievable, and hopefully Apple manages to give its space to people with difficulties, just as society today is doing in all aspects.
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