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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Apple Store app is updated with Touch ID support

If we already knew that Apple liked the updates, what we could not imagine is that the Cupertino developers would update their Apple Store application today.

The Apple Store application allows you to pay by Touch ID

Apple today updated its official Apple Store application with the ability to support Touch ID technology to securely and conveniently pay any order with a credit card linked to an Apple ID, in addition to making changes In the account settings.
Very important news for an application that does not usually receive updates as important as these. While it is true that the Apple Store application already allowed the ability to pay purchases directly with the credit or debit card associated with our Apple ID, we still had to enter our password for purchase authentication. Now, users will not have to type anything, just use the technology inside the sensor of the Touch ID to give authorization of the purchase.
The Apple Store app is updated with Touch ID support for payments
The Apple Store app is updated with Touch ID support for payments
According to the details of this update, to pay with a credit card associated to our Apple ID , simply click on the button with the "Buy with other payment options" option .

Something more than a simple update by Apple

In addition, Apple has noted that the new update of the Apple Store makes users have greater ease in seeing if any Apple product is available in a particular Apple store near our position.
The latest major update from the Apple Store had already introduced the ability to pay with our typical payment method in Apple ID. Remember that for Apple, the online store of the company is one of the point where the highest turnover occurs throughout the year .
Apple Store Online
Apple Store logo
In recent times, Apple had focused on leveraging its Official Support app to give greater service to customers. However, it seems that Apple has not forgotten its official application of its store and presents us with really important news. Some news that many users can already enjoy just updating their app through the App Store.
Remember that the new application of the Apple Store is already available in the App Store  for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch . We will be updating this article as we discover new features presented by Apple in the new app from the Apple Store. At the moment I only recommend that you follow all the news of Apple through our website.
I hope you liked this news, do not forget to leave us your comments about this new update in the bottom of this article on whether you use (or not) the Touch ID to make payments, or if you do not stop convincing this technology.

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