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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Apple Store in India will be twice as large as a conventional one

As we all know, Apple has begun to put aside its main manufacturing country in the whole world, China, to try to move to India and gain greater benefits from the creation of iPhone . The apple bite company has been manufacturing its handsets for many years in this Asian country, the queen of the world market due to the low labor costs and also the minimum price of the components to build one of these mobile phones.

India: The Promised Land

Those in Cupertino have seen India as a new opportunity to start manufacturing their terminals there, as they may even find manufacturers and operators who ask for even less money for working on iPhone manufacturing and thus increase profits. Apple has been doing this for some time in India and even have started to emerge some smartphone in the country by the apple, including the iPhone SE , which needs a great update as far as hardware is falling behind.
Given that this could become one of the suitable candidates as a country destined to manufacture the iPhone, obviously the Californian company has to make stores in it. The curious fact is that the Apple Store of India will be twice as big as the conventional ones , so we can already imagine how gigantic they can become, we just have to compare it with the recently opened Apple Store of Chicago, which has the form of MacBook .
We have already seen in many other bite apple company stores that like to innovate even in making them , a clear example of this is the Apple Store of Fifth Avenue in New York, which is made entirely by cubes Of glass, this specifically will open in October next year to take advantage of days like Black Friday.
It seems that the Apple Store within India will be in New Delhi and Bangalore, and possibly also be constructed of glass , thus making it more aesthetic and more eye-catching that they pass around urging them in. We hope that a country like India ends up being the winning horse for the Cupertino company, because if everything goes well they could even lower the sale prices of their iPhone terminals, although there is still much to be said and only time will tell us.

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