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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The best iPhone and iPad apps for summer

Ready for summer? Ready for well deserved vacations? If your answers have been yes, surely you will take to your iPhone or iPad with you, and better than uploading quality apps to make your holiday easier to manage or simply make it easier for you to move around some unknown city, Or even play fun games in your haven of peace.
In this article I bring you the best compilation of applications for this summer that is being published together with a video on YouTube, where Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero present them equally.

Moovit, one of the best apps to get around on public transport

An application that can not miss on your iPhone or iPad if you go to a city that is not yours to take a breather this summer. With this application, you can easily move to any site using public transport. 
Moovit apps
One of the best apps to get around on public transport, Moovit
This will save you having to be looking at line maps, or not knowing where the bus stop is. With this application, you can have all the data of the bus or train lines that you need to take to reach your destination . Also, they will tell you if there is any kind of strike, if your transportation is delayed, and will give you the best alternatives. All this accompanied by notifications that will tell you where you should go down.
Download it here for free.


If you are looking for hotels or flights to go on vacation, this app can not miss on your devices with iOS. Momondo will allow you to look for flights with different airlines at the best price, and also the place to stay at your destination.
Momondo, the best app to find your hotel
There are many applications of this type in the App Store, but none with this intuitive interface that in my opinion is the best it has. Just enter, you know how the application works. I do not know what you expect to download it here and go on vacation.


With doubts if it will rain when you go to play sports? Do not rely on the Weather app on your iPhone? If so, download the RainAlarm app on your iPhone, an application that will warn you if a storm is approaching your location. 
Captura de pantalla del iPhone 1
If we enter the application, we see a map of our location where we can see if there is a storm to where we are. If you have the location activated with the notifications, it will notify you how much time remains for a storm to fall on you.
Download it here for free .


Hungry? If so, this app will help you choose the right restaurant for you. In this app you can find all the restaurants that are in your area, and very useful if you are in a city that you do not know. Discover cheap restaurants with this app.
Hungry? What do you expect to reserve your table with The Fork
With El Tenedor we can see the menu of this restaurant, make a reservation or even see the reviews of other customers. Also, if you are a regular customer, you can find very interesting discounts.
Download it here for free .


If you have taken a photo, the application will apply all the filters it has, and will give you the choice to stay with it and upload it quickly to your social networks so that your followers know that you are over ten.
Captura de pantalla del iPhone 1
With these you will not have to spend a few very valuable minutes editing the photo. Although obviously, if some effect you do not like, you can easily retouch.
Download it  here .

Pokémon Go

And I could not miss an ideal game for this summer. With its latest update, it is very interesting to restart this game. Also, if you go to a place other than the one you live on, you can find different Pokémon, like water or even go different in the country where you have captured them.
Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO already showed what it was actually augmented play
Download it here .
Will people return to "addicting" to the Pokémon Go? In addition, with the new feature with combat gyms, you will need to find other people to capture certain Pokémon.

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