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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The best skill games for iPhone and iPad (2017)

The iOS App Store hides a wide variety of games from many categories. We recently recommended a series of graphic adventure titles , shortly after a collection of fighting games and today we bring you ... skill games!
Skill games will test you in different ways, using your intelligence, using your mental speed, and even inviting you to come up with all sorts of strategies. And this collection of games is a clear example of how varied this category is.
IPhone skills games
Are you thinking of buying a new game? Do you want to test yourself with the funniest challenges? Do you get bored with the games you have installed on your iPhone or your iPad? Have a look at these fabulous skill games, there is everything!

IOS Skill Games for iPhone and iPad

Monument Valley 2

The sequel to this fantastic game will challenge you to solve 3D puzzles that play with visual perspective and optical illusions. His art section is astonishingly creative.
FRAMED 2 has been another of the great successes of the App Store that has released its second delivery this year. It is a game in which you have to use your mental ability to place the vignettes of an interactive comic in its correct order. Very funny!
Alto's Adventure
While we wait for the arrival of Alto's Odyssey , we recommend the game Alto's Adventure, a game in which you will have to dodge rocks, jump cliffs and flee from enemies on horseback. Its minimalist graphics and efficient gameplay make this game one of the best in the App Store.
Lara Croft GO
Lara Croft GO is a skill game in which you'll have to use the ideal strategy to get rid of your enemies in over 115 turn-based puzzles.

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