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Monday, July 24, 2017

The competition is waiting to exit the iPhone 8 before acting

As we all know, within the electronics industry worldwide Apple is the undisputed leader , but we also have evidence that there are many other brands that over the years have been approaching and closing the gap between the Company of the bite apple and these to the point where it may seem difficult in some cases to differentiate the quality between both firms, but although the products of the Californian company are more expensive these are worth their corresponding price as we have been able See on more than one occasion.

The iPhone 8: another possible revolution

OLED Panel on the iPhone 8
One of the explosions in the news world of this industry has been without a doubt the appearance of all rumors of the next Apple terminal, the iPhone 8 . It seems that everything we have heard about this new smartphone is short, to the point that according to some analysts this new mobile phone will be the one closest to perfection, and that less given its high price since the IPhone 8 will be the most expensive smartphone in history, thus exceeding the $ 1,000.
We have all seen everywhere that this past week has been hell for the Cupertino company and even some American newspapers have had headlines like "Apple against the wall" and similar ones referring to all the problems that the Californian firm has had recently. Most of these ravages come from the manufacture of the iPhone 8 , which would be delayed according to experts, but it seems that it will arrive in September, although if you are interested in acquiring this new terminal you will have to hurry since they will arrive with a number of Limited units and will still fly at high cost.
There is something curious about the output of the iPhone 8 that many of us have noticed, but if you have not noticed it we tell you right now: the rest of manufacturers are not pulling anything until they see the hardware that the next Apple terminal will have . More specifically, we are talking about the chip that will have and as nothing is known even more than what we can find in the filtered patents and such are waiting for the launch to learn more about this new smartphone.

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