Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The iPhone 8 could change its Touch ID by this new technology

Apple has been working for a long time on that iPhone that will be released once ten years have passed since the original iPhone, always looking for this new terminal is unique and features features never seen before in the world of technology.
In recent weeks rare is the day we do not hear a new leak, which ensures that the next Apple terminal will feature a new feature. Today the news comes from US media, which ensure that Apple is working on a new method of unlocking for this terminal .
Iphone 8 double front camera
Specifically, the source says that Apple would be valuing the abandon the fingerprint reader introduced in the iPhone 5S, to bet on a new technology that would provide greater security to the user when unlocking the terminal.
Specifically this new technology would be based on a 3D sensor capable of recognizing the face of the owner of the device . A very new technology that we would have seen in a very similar way in Samsung, only on that occasion was based on the iris of the owner of the device.
Even with all this makes sure that Apple is now proving this technology, something that shows us that it is perhaps a little hasty to introduce this technology in the next terminal of the people of Cupertino.
IPhone 8 pink and white
The means itself are the ones that ensure that this new method of unlocking the terminal will be very fast, but if this new rumor is fulfilled we must think that this new technology must be something easy and quick to use to be able to answer when verifying that we are Us to download any application , a task that until now we made putting our fingerprint on the Touch ID.
We will have to see if this new rumor takes more force as we are getting closer to the date of presentation of the future iPhone 8, but what we are very sure is that Apple can revolutionize the market with this new technology if it really works from one Quickly and gives value to the user .
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