Monday, July 3, 2017

The iPhone 8 could completely ignore Touch ID, use only a 3D sensor to identify the user by its face

One of the biggest fears that many have towards the future iPhone 8 is the possible disappearance of Touch ID . As we have repeated many times, it is hard because Touch ID works really well ... it is very fast, it is very accurate, and it allows to use Apple Pay with an amazing facility. It's hard to believe that Apple is going to change something that works so well and millions of people around the world have become accustomed to a facial recognition system that, however revolutionary it may be, it's hard to imagine it working any better .
The problem of the iPhone 8 is that if Apple does not get the fingerprint sensor to work properly under the screen, they would have to find another solution and in that sense, a 3D sensor on the front of the terminal that works perhaps in conjunction with the Camera to identify a user, could be a solution. But it's hard to imagine how that could make Apple Pay payments better, because the user is not going to put the face in front of the iPhone when he places it on the payment terminal in a restaurant or supermarket. In addition, these facial recognition systems, we know that are very difficult to get them to work really well ... Samsung knows because it already sells a smartphone that anyone with a printer and some contact lenses can unlock . For all these reasons,
But, much to the horror of it, today two rumors point in that direction; First, the analyst best known industry issues Apple, Ming Chi Kuo , it has said today that the iPhone 8 will not have Touch ID , and dispense with the fingerprint sensor , both outside and inside the screen. In addition to that prediction, the prestigious Bloomberg not only supports that idea, but adds that the iPhone 8 will have a facial recognition system to unlock it from the lock screen, to enter Apps protected with a security system and also to make payments With Apple Pay, something that as we explained before it costs a lot to imagine because for facial recognition to work,
Apparently, that facial recognition system would use that 3D sensor to recognize a face without using an image analysis system ... that is, it would not be a photo that is checked, but a kind of 3D map of what is in front of the iPhone , Something for now difficult to imagine but that would have to work so well that left with the open mouth to all. Also, if the user puts on a hat or changes glasses, would it be equally recognizable?
Design concept for iPhone 8 on white
In just a couple of months, we will leave doubts. In addition, Bloomberg indicates that this functionality is still being tested, something that also hard to believe because we are already very close to September not to have already closed all the functionality of the iPhone 8.
Indeed, Bloomberg also briefly mention the fact that Apple is testing screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz to be able to use Pro Motion mode also on the iPhone .
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