Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The iPhone 8 would not exceed the sales figures of the iPhone 6 according to this new prediction

The iPhone 8 is one of the Apple terminals that more expectation is raising within the technological landscape in general , and of course within a user community that truly adore Californians for their products. Precisely for this reason any new rumor or filtration is always discussed within the community to see if it will truly be fulfilled or not, just as with the predictions of the analysts.
While waiting for the release of the iPhone 8, several analysts said that Apple would achieve during 2018 that its next terminal would become the best-selling device by Californians in its history, a position that until today is dominated by the iPhone 6.
IPhone 8 pink and white
To understand why this terminal has been the most sold we must take into account that it meant a great change for the company, not only at the sales level but also in concept and physical appearance showing that Apple also believed in large and increasingly powerful phones .
Another of the factors that most affected the terminal to be the best-selling device to date is Apple's strong demand from the Asian market that caused the terminal to sell more than 200 million devices in the iPhone 6 family.
Today, other analysts at German bank Deutsche Bank have rejected the hypothesis that Apple could surpass the sales figures of the iPhone 6 because the points that made the Apple terminal sales grow will not happen next year when it is commercialized The next iPhone 8.
With this opens the war between analysts who defend that Apple with its iPhone 8 will be at the top of the best-selling terminal of the people of Cupertino, and those who assert that Apple will sell many units of its next device, but not enough To beat the record that today boasts the iPhone 6 and its Plus version.
What is more than clear is that we will have to wait at the end of next year, to see if the iPhone 8 truly manages to beat all the sales records within the company of the big apple or not.
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