Friday, July 14, 2017

The iPhone NFC will serve many more things thanks to iOS 11

It is scarcely more than a month when Apple made its already well-known conference for developers. In this WWDC the novelties happened to even see the presentation of products such as the new MacBook, an iPad Pro or the HomePod that has liked so much within the world of the apple and the sector in general.
Apple wants iOS to feel a precedent demonstrating that it is the best operating system for a mobile device , and saving that stick that many users put you can not do anything with it.
IOS 11 uses the NFC
Precisely for this we have seen how has evolved an iOS that is now much more open than when it began. Now with this operating system that will accompany the iPhone 8 we have been able to see a lot of new features, including a new control center or an application that we will use as a file manager .
Today the other great news that has been echoed by the Apple world, is how the people of Cupertino will be responsible for opening the access to the NFC chip of the iPhone , so that these can be used in different situations.
Of course we will have to see how developers take advantage of this new feature that brings us iOS 11, but what is clear is that Apple is betting on its community for the growth of an increasingly complete operating system .
Tag that can be read with the iphone NFC in iOS 11
Reactions to this news have not been made to wait and The cybersecurity company WISeKey, has announced that its label will have support to work with the chip of our iPhone. Maybe this is the first function that give this Apple novelty where we can check various details of a product, just bringing the label to our device .
Undoubtedly we will be waiting for all the developments that are preparing the developers for this new iOS , sure that a future will have many uses.
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