Monday, July 17, 2017

The new philosophy of Safari with VPN ads

In recent days it has been known a new news related to the VPN policy of Cupertino. And is that the Californians have changed their policy on blocking ads from the App Store .
It should be noted that this rule will apply to different browsers on the market , such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera ... Moreover, this novelty would aim to improve the profits of developers themselves , whose main source of income is In the display of the ads themselves.
That is why from now on, the company's engineers will eliminate any VPN application related to blocking ads in web browsing.
As a curious fact, it should be noted that Mr. Tomas Koperski was one of the developers who realized this new policy. For those who do not know it is one of the creators of services like Adblock and Weblock . Undoubtedly, some of the applications that have more problems has brought in the quote for ads on the network.
App Store Codes
As Koperski himself says, Apple stopped accepting its updates because it was infringing various terms of the App Store itself. And is that with the arrival of the new update of iOS 11 , Cupertino have to improve and ensure that all applications of the official store Apple do not violate any of these requirements set by the company itself.
That is why over the next few weeks we will notice a certain "reduction in the number of apps" due to the cleaning phase that are taking place in the apple , before the official release of the new version of the company's portable operating system.
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