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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The option to open multitasking using 3D touch will no longer be in iOS 11

As we saw in the WWDC 2017, Apple has renewed two of its most important operating systems; IOS and macOS . There is a lot of similarity between both, since both contain a lot of hidden features, especially High Sierra, the new software update for Mac, which contains more than 30 functions that are not seen with the naked eye , but with The proper use can become quite comfortable.
In the case of iOS 11, expectations, as for the next Apple terminal, the most expensive phone in history given that will cost more than 1,000 euros , were very high, but the only thing we can read online and forums Related to these issues is that people are not very pleased , at least within the beta phases in which this new software is found. We sincerely hope that those of Cupertino do something with this, but for now the most advisable thing is that we stay inside iOS 10 .

What about the 3D toutch on iOS 11?

IPhone 7 3D touch
Many know that on the iPhone we can not give full use to 3D touch. It's curious because Apple has the technology and resources to make it work and reach the limit of its capabilities, but they just do not. Users of iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 who have upgraded to iOS 11 will have noticed that they can not access the multitasking application from 3D touch . It is not yet known why this situation, it may be perfectly that as it is still in the development stage, because as Apple said well until September would not be for everyone, have not yet implemented this function so useful to iOS 11.
In case they have been removed indefinitely this would be a big mistake on the part of Apple developers . The motto of the company is that the reason we buy their devices before any other brand is because theirs make our lives easier, but they contradict themselves by removing a shortcut that made us endless tasks much more Simple
Anyway, we expect Apple to reconsider and return this valuable tool . It may be perfectly what we mentioned above and is still in the process of implementation for this operating system, otherwise, this would be a big step against your own slogan.

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