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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The second public beta of iOS 11 is now available

As we saw in the WWDC 2017, the conference in which the company of Cupertino gives us all the news, both hardware and software , leaving aside that also shows us their next projects and what they are working Which will see the light very soon. Among the most acclaimed within this great event that takes place once every 12 months are the new and updated ranges of both laptops and desktops of the apple company bite, and the curious thing is that they have said absolutely nothing On its next terminal, the iPhone 8 .
The next iPhone mentioned above, will not only be the most expensive mobile phone in the history of electronics, but will also be the closest to perfection. Are you tired of charging your phone while it's attached to the plug? This type of problems and daily tasks will end with the departure of the iPhone 8, since we can separately purchase a very particular accessory which will give us the ability to charge the battery of the terminal in question wirelessly , as long as we are inside the Limit range that this supplement offers.

IOS 11 continues to progress

It is clear that the operating system will use the iPhone 8, which was presented in the WWDC 2017 as we said something above, iOS 11. Although currently welcome and welcome by the community and users of the iPhone has not been The best according to the expectations, we have to remember that this new software is still in the beta phase and really is only a short time available to everyone , because before it was only available to developers.
A few hours ago the second public beta of iOS 11, the software that will use all iPhone and iPad coming soon, has been released until a new version comes out. Every step that goes on this test phase, the improvements are more notable and will soon be at the height of comfort if we put it next to the current iOS 10.
Ios 11 on ipad and iphone
According to Apple, this new operating system will be in the market and reach the world by September this year , obviously you can only use this software if you have one of the devices compatible with it , even the company Cupertino has done A list of which are these.

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