Saturday, July 1, 2017

The SoC A10X of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is the first Apple processor made with a 10nm process

An X-ray examination done to the new SoC ( System on Chip ) A10X that Apple has installed on the new 10.5-inch iPad seems to be Apple's first processor made with a 10nm FinFET process , Deals with the chip of the company with more density of transistors until now. Put another way, in less space they get much more , thanks to which it is possible to do it much faster , in spite of which, the consumption decreases and the heat dissipates, too. In this picture, we can see how the A9X, used in the previous model of iPad Pro last year, is significantly larger than the new A10X, on the right. We repeat that despite being smaller, it is quite faster, 30% on your CPU and 40% on your GPU. This chip rivals the latest MacBook Pro models.
The chip is manufactured by the Taiwanese company TSMC , Apple's partner for many years in this of chip manufacturing. TSMC will soon go on to manufacture chips with a manufacturing process of only 7 nanometers, and for now seem to be the only company capable of making such tiny integrated ... the rest of manufacturers, such as Samsung or Intel, will continue with 10nm for a while longer. We also have an image of the layer of the GPU, the graphic processor, in this case compared to the A10 of the iPhone 7.
GPU of the A10 and A10X
It is clear that the A10X of the new iPad Pro is without a doubt the most advanced proprietary processor Apple has ever brought to market before, at least until the next iPhone model, perhaps with an A11, is introduced.
In this table, we can see the technical specifications of the A10X compared to the other processors that Apple has used in different models of iPad in the past.
Comparison table of the SoC A10X with the A9X, A8X and A6X
On this occasion, the A10X has six cores instead of the four that have the A10 of the iPhone 7, although we remember that half are used for tasks of low requirements with the aim of saving energy and increasing autonomy. The GPU is maintained in 12 cores.
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