Saturday, July 8, 2017

The United States is the first country to receive the payment service between Apple people

A few years ago Apple entered the mobile payments market thanks to the creation of the Apple Pay platform , which from the outset the people of Cupertino assured that would be the great alternative of this type of market for users of Apple products.
The United States was the first country where this service arrived to be tested and prove that it had arrived to stay , but certain problems in the country of origin of the company and the subsequent problems of the banks to accept this service, have made it not So used by users of the apple products and many countries have not received this service yet or that takes very little time as it is in Italy.
Apple pay wallet application
In the last conference of developers of this same year Apple wanted to give another push to its service of payments, with the creation of a new functionality where the users could transfer money between them through the application of iMessage , something that could put in check To banks that would see their power diminish within the financial sector.
The negative part of this news we have known from the Apple itself, where on its page ensures that this new service will only be available from September for users in the United States , a news that shows the great difficulties that Apple is having To expand its payment services to other countries.

Apple Watch Pay
Of course the people of Cupertino itself have assured that the service will reach more countries in a staggered way as already happened with Apple Pay . The problem with this news is that we have already seen on this occasion how the transfer of this type of services to other countries can be extended for years.
Undoubtedly a bad news for users who expected to try this service once they had installed iOS 11 on their devices. Now we will simply have to wait, until Apple confirms to us that countries are arriving a service that can change much the market of the finances .
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