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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The use of Siri is going down considerably

Everyone, even those who are not users of Apple devices, know Siri, the company's virtual assistant of the bite apple and the time the direct equivalence with Cortana of Microsoft . He recently received a new update that improved it in some aspects, for example, within these changes we could ask him or ask what was Siri by text, that is, by writing it, because until now the only way was through voice control , Another was the appearance of a sphere that was spinning and changing color simultaneously as we made use of this virtual assistant.

Does Siri go downhill?

Ios 11 siri translates several languages
Our beloved Siri is still within the virtual assistant section, the most popular with a great chasm of difference from the rest, but it seems that after a study that tested the use we give to this essential tool within Apple software, Both macOS and iOS, the utility we give is less and less . The popularity is such that it has almost twice as many users as Samsung's equivalent, 41.4 million users this May.
This can be seen if we check the routine use we give to Siri, doing a mean with all users of Apple products obviously, the average time that we use Siri in the day to day is 14 minutes , One tenth below the average of apps. Although 0.1% may not seem like much, in the world of electronics and even more so in the tools of this type which are fundamental for a specific audience, it is a huge figure and we hope to grow, because the functions that Siri puts at our disposal are really useful if we know how to give proper use.
Apple starts manufacturing virtual assistant based on Siri
It is also true that today applications are less and less need and are more complete and clear, so tools like Siri are becoming less useful, but at the same time essential . We do not come to understand how a software like this can get to have this use so low with the utility and the amenities that it offers us. We hope that our beloved Siri will recover soon and return to be one of the most used apps inside iOS, because the work that has invested is not for less.

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