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Friday, July 28, 2017

There is a Jailbreak for Apple Watch, but we will not have it

All users of an Apple team know of the existence of the jailbreak , a tool that allows us to add extra features to our devices. A few years ago, at least for me, the jailbreak stopped making sense in the iPhone. 
Today we bring you a sample that Apple Watch is also possible to perform jailbreak.

The jailbreak arrives at the Apple Watch, although not of extended form

We all know the level of security control that Apple provides its products, but sometimes there are open doors where hackers are able to enter and violate certain sections of the operating system of the device in question. This time the protagonist is the Apple Watch, a device that until now nobody had dared to violate it.
IOS Jailbreak
Jailbreak on iOS
The protagonist of the Jailbreak in question is Max Bazaliy , a hacker who has exposed his experience and achievements at the security conference currently being held in Las Vegas , the famous DEFCON .
The hacker has been able to bypass the security barriers and restrictions that WatchOS has available and, in this way, has managed to penetrate the file system of the intelligent clock of the Cupertino.
If we break down the information that Max Bazaliy has been able to access, we see how he has been able to access data such as user activity information and other data belonging to the Health application; Also has been able to access the call history, to our schedule hosted in Calendar; To our messages and email accounts that we have synchronized in our Apple Watch; And even to the GPS signal and the microphone of the clock itself.
At the moment, as we say in the title of the post, the author of this Jailbreak, Max Bazaliy, has not made public the steps to follow to get into the operating system of the famous Apple clock or appear to do in the future , Something that also seems to us objectively reasonable, since what this Jailbreak can offer is not much less attractive for an average public, since it does not provide excessively necessary functions in a smart watch.
This is yet another proof that technology equipment is always vulnerable , and for that there are hackers, to help companies find those security holes.

I think it makes sense to Jailbreak today?

Jailbreak iOS 11
Does jailbreak make sense today?
My answer is a resounding, at least on the iPhone . The Jailbreak was thought to add to our iPhone features that in the past we did not have or, for those more perverse, to get paid apps for free. To this day iOS is absolutely solvent for itself without having to resort to any tool or extension that complements it as it did a few years ago. Instead, watchOS is an operating system still very green and, indeed, we could take advantage of a tool such as the Jailbreak, but for my part I still do not recommend it, since doing Jailbreak means having less personal security , since we left an open door And with luminous signs so that the malware is implanted in our devices without any security barrier.
In short, today I recommend to jailbreak any of our devices . The only utility I find today is to find those security holes in order to pass it on to Apple itself and that in exchange for a payment to the discoverer of the vulnerability , Apple knows the process and can correct those flaws.
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