Tuesday, July 4, 2017

These are the best photos made by an iPhone in 2017

There is a saying very popular among photographers that says: "The best camera is the one you carry with you". That's right, you do not have to spend a lot of money on a photography team to take impressive snapshots, you just have to have a good eye, creativity, capture the perfect moment, and why not, a bit of photo editing.
Recently the winners of the 2017 iPhone photography awards were announced , proving once again that it only takes a mobile phone to capture photographs that will surprise the entire world.
Below we will show you the top 10 pictures taken by an iPhone throughout this year. Very attentive, most of them are spectacular!

1. People

Photo made by an iPhone
Dina Alfasi of Israel won the first place in the category "People" with this beautiful photograph of a relaxed and thoughtful old man during a bus trip.

2. Landscape

Photo made by an iPhone
Sergey Pesterev, from Mendeleevo (Russia), achieved second place with this spectacular and frozen landscape of Lake Baikal. The temperature was -30º and the photo is titled "Baikal Ice at sunset".

3. Photographer of the year

Photo made by an iPhone
Sebastiano Tomada of Brooklyn (New York) got one of the photographer's awards of the year with this shocking picture of two children on the streets of Qayyarah near an explosion. An area surrounded by ISIS militants. Devastating, surprising, catastrophically beautiful.

4. Photographer of the Year

Photo made by an iPhone
Branda O Se, from Ireland, got first place as a year photographer with this picture of a port worker taking a break. Is not she absolutely wonderful?

5. Travel

Photo made by an iPhone
In the "Journey" category, photographer Joshua Sarinana took a super fun photograph of a very extravagant car and a building with a very curious painting. Taken at Cambridge Ma, United States.

6. Trees

Photo made by an iPhone
Another of the first positions was taken this photograph taken by the iPhone of Magali Chesnel (France), a completely frozen tree.

7. Animals

Photo made by an iPhone
Dongrui Yu, of Yunnan (China), won second place in the category "Animals" with this curious photograph of a swan.

8. Self-portrait

Photo made by an iPhone
Gabriel Ribeiro, from Mato Grosso (Brazil), reached the first position with this self-portrait of his small cousin.

9. Children

Photo made by an iPhone
This monochrome photograph by Barry Mayes (UK) shows two children making funny gestures.

10. Trees

Photo made by an iPhone
In the "Trees" category, Dyllon Wolf (United States) took second place with this very curious picture of a tree that has a large curve in the trunk at its base.
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