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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

These are the best widgets of 2017 for iPhone and iPad

The widgets came to the iPhone with iOS 8, late for some, but as the saying goes: better late than never. And is that since then there are many widget that we can find in the App Store, many of them really useful and interesting, like the 10 that we collect in this post.

Be more productive and even play with these Widgets for iPhone

-W. Calendar:  It seems incredible but it is true that Apple does not natively incorporate a widget that shows the full calendar on the iPhone . But with W. Calendar you can have it. It is true that other payment applications can incorporate something similar but if you are not interested in such apps and want to have it at the lowest price, the € 0.99 that costs this widget is a price more than acceptable. Download it here.
Captura de pantalla del iPhone 1
-Yahoo Time:  No doubt that the weather application developed by Yahoo is one of the best. This application is my favorite in this section but it also incorporates a widget of the most useful with which you can visualize the weather forecasts of your city at a glance. Download it here .
Captura de pantalla del iPhone 1
-Go Launcher:  It's one of the most famous launchers on Android and iOS comes in widget form. With it you can have direct access to your favorite applications, or even saved pages of the browser or contacts of our phone. Download it here .
-Copied:  This is one of the simplest but most useful widget we can find. Its function is to be a clipboard. So we can stick in it different ideas that come to mind and we need to point them quickly, as well as some important link that we do not want to lose sight of. Download it here .
iPhone Screenshot 1
-Shazam:  This app is well known to locate a song when we do not know its name . Sometimes we have little time to "shazamear" a song and we need to do it fast, well, this app has a widget with which we will have a direct access to the search. Download it here .
Widgets also on iPad
Widgets are also available for iPad
-ESPN:  If you are a sports fan this application will like you, but it also incorporates a widget so you can follow, in real time, the result of your favorite team football, basketball, tennis or other sports. Download it here .
-Tweety:  If you would like to see your Twitter timeline , see the mentions and different interactions with other users, you can do it from the widget of this application. Download it here .
-Cheatsheet:  If you are a little forgetful and need to have annotated some kind of information or simply have important data such as your WiFi password or a phone number, you can point it on this fantastic widget where you will not lose sight of those annotations. Download it here .
-Coutdowns: You've  probably been looking forward to an event, be it a concert of your favorite group or a date with that girl or that special boy. And surely you have wished to be able to count the exact time that remains until then. With this application you can perform a countdown from your widget. Download it here .
-Steve:  We're not talking about Steve Jobs, but the famous dinosaur that appears in the Google Chrome browser when we do not have a connection. This dinosaur stars in a minigame in which you must dodge obstacles with your help. As Steve arrives now at iOS and you can play that same game without even moving from the widgets screen. Download it here .
These are just 10 of the many widgets that we can find in the App Store for download. Do you recommend some that are not on the list? Tell us about it in the comments.
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