Tuesday, July 11, 2017

These are the new features of iOS 11 beta 3

Yesterday, Apple released iOS 11 beta 3 on the developer portal . A few hours later, when the developers have had the opportunity to find out what's new, we can know what's new in this third version of iOS 11.
Here is the list of changes that have been found so far:
  • Files App : We can now upload and download files to and from Dropbox.
  • Center of Notifications : Apple has reversed in the way in which the previous notifications are shown to the last ones that have arrived; Before it took a second sweep up to see notifications that had arrived before we used the iPhone for the last time. First, the last came out after lowering the blind of the Notifications Center, and then had to make a movement rather unnatural and intuitive that many bothered them, to be able to see older notifications. Now, in Beta 3, all notifications are sorted chronologically after entering the Notifications Center, so everything is much easier and easier to understand.
  • Transmit what happens on your iPhone : When you press harder on the icon that allows you to start recording everything that happens on the screen, a new option called Broadcast appears that apparently allows to transmit a video streaming instead of saving the file of the Video on the reel. For now, this is second only to it, but it could indicate that in future versions of iOS 11 could allow Apps like Periscope or Twitter to begin a retransmission of everything that happens on the iPhone screen. This icon appears in the new Control Center .
  • Apps in the background on the iPad : In the two previous betas, it was necessary to close the Apps after clicking on them and then on the X that appeared in the corner, to close. This behavior has disappeared to return to the usual sweep up to close Apps that are running in the background. They appear up to four at the same time.
  • Unique sign-in system : Several TV channels appear more like Time Warner Cable, Comcast or AT & T U-verse, all North American, so if you do not live there, this change gives you exactly the same, since you will never see it in the App Adjust your iPhone. In these lands allows to use a unique user and a unique password to use all those subscription services, saving time.
  • Messages in the cloud : The system that synchronizes messages from the Messages App, those sent via iMessage, now shows how many there are pending to upload yet.
In this MacRumors video we can see all these new features in action.
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