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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

These are the news of the fourth beta of iOS 11

The fourth beta of iOS 11 takes several hours between us, and of course, a large number of developers have set to work to find out what the new beta is about.
Of course, before continuing I remind you that we are still several betas that the Golden Master is published, so it is quite likely that some of these characteristics will change or even disappear from that version.

List of new releases of the fourth beta of iOS 11

Notifications and lock screen
  • Notifications of the lock screen can be passed directly to Open
  • Notifications of the lock screen can be shifted to the left to View or Delete
  • Full slider left deletes notification
  • Activating a notification from the lock screen opens a new Touch ID interface
  • Multitasking automatically closes when all applications have been deleted. Multitasking will not open if there are no recent applications.
Graphic settings
  • The icons for the Contacts, Reminders, Notes, and Safari applications have been slightly redesigned.
  • New splash screens in Photos & Notes applications
  • Updated timer icon updated in Control Center
  • New Contacts icon in the Settings application
  • Thicker Wi-Fi bars in the iOS status bar
  • Mobile data icon in iOS status bar
  • Icons for search options Web, App Store and Maps in Spotlight
  • The name of the option for screen recording in the Control Center has been changed to "Start Recording"
  • Subtle changes in the design of Maps on the iPad
  • New gray bar to scroll through photos of the Messages app
  • New animation for low power mode
  • New animation to mute in Control Center of iPad
  • Faster animations on iPhone Plus
  • The screen recording in the Control Center has a countdown animation of 3 seconds
  • Settings → General → About displays the total amount of storage
  • Airdrop settings can be found in Settings → General
  • 32-bit applications (can not be run on iOS 11) are now grayed out in the App Store
  • Fewer hang-ups and random restarts
  • Icons can be moved more easily through the home screen
  • Message synchronization settings now appear in iCloud preferences
  • Bluetooth switching in the Control Center stops devices
  • Siri settings go from the General section to their own section in Settings
  • New male / female Siri voices for Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian, Dutch and Swedish
  • New female Siri voices for English and Mexican
  • Update of the Siri voice for both Japanese and Chinese genres
  • "On my iPhone / iPad" location has been removed from the Files app
  • New Arabic keyboard for the Najdi dialect
In short, as expected of an update as important as it promises to be iOS 11, this new beta has a lot of changes that will surely increase as Apple releases future betas.

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