Friday, July 7, 2017

These are the plans that Apple has for its iPhone over the next two years

The iPhone are the terminals that more expectation raise within the range of products of the people of Cupertino . So every novelty of the iPhone 8 and its new features, become great news that circulates throughout the network as gunpowder.
Today the news comes from the well known Asian Nikkei , which tells us what Apple's plan for their iPhone during this year and during 2018. Apple is clear that it must adapt to the demand and the tastes of the market, that's why It is clear that during 2018 will have to adapt to these to create the iPhone that comes out that year .
What Apple has very clear is what will be the screen technology that will accompany the most powerful iPhone this year , and future generations of the terminal in the coming years.
The medium in question ensures that the most powerful model of the iPhone will have an OLED panel, which will lay the foundations of a technology that will continue to use Apple on all the devices it presents in 2018 , or at least these would be their plans today .
Perhaps the biggest problem is who will supply these panels, being only Samsung and LG the major producers of this technology today . With this new forecast we can see how Apple prepares its future presentations for 2018, and how it should save this problem with the supply of these panels.
IPhone users China
Perhaps the most striking of this news is that Apple will present three models of iPhone this year , where the most powerful will not have Touch ID to be integrated on the screen but if with an OLED panel, and the other two will continue with technology Of screen to which we have accustomed Apple.
With all this we see a bit more clear the future of the people of Cupertino and the way that will follow the iPhone during this year and 2018 , although there are still many doubts about their different features and what will happen with the iPhone 8 and its Supposed variants.
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