Sunday, July 16, 2017

These could be the first photos of the authentic iPhone 8

We've been rumors and leaks about the iPhone 8 for months now and it's official: the barrage of news is unstoppable and no matter how hard they try to keep the mystery in Cupertino, it's an open secret. Do not wait any longer because this is going to be the phone that has been designed to mark an era , a before and after in the smartphone market, as it did a decade ago.
As the date approaches, the hype is getting bigger and the scribbling happens. No matter if there are rumors of weeks delays , problems with integration of the 3D sensor and the wireless load or the happy location of the Touch ID, if it is finally integrated .
Original iPhone 8
And is that the iPhone 8 is going to come out in September anyway and we already have a lot of faithful information about the next flagship Apple: with a borderless screen with OLED technology and integrated Home button, fast charging and wireless, 3D sensor in the camera Frontal, augmented reality and virtual reality, facial recognition ... But more importantly, we already know how it will be accurately .
We have seen prototypes designed by artists, printed 3D models, photos of poor quality and dubious origin, even the supposed original box ... but today from Unbox Therapy ensure images that have leaked are authentic iPhone 8 since the terminal allegedly would come from the very headquarters in Cupertino , there is nothing.
Of course, it is a model, as we can infer from the sticker is affixed simulating display 11 installed with iOS, but still, the impression can not be better .
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