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Saturday, July 8, 2017

These days the Apple Maps vehicles travel through Spain to improve their service

Apple takes a long time to improve its map application to compete against other applications more used as Google, so in the coming weeks Apple will try to improve its service thanks to the task developed in different countries .
The Cupertino have always tried to have their map application used by users of Apple devices , but these have always preferred other alternatives that offered greater precision or different features that even today are not present in the application of the Californians.

Apple maps
This is precisely why Apple has announced that it is working on its service through a statement on its website , where it communicates the European countries and cities of the United States on which certain tasks are being done to improve and expand the service.
Apple wants to give a twist and users test their application so from July 3 to 16 of this same month, different Apple vehicles equipped with cameras will travel to different cities in England, France, Italy, the United States And of course Spain.
The people of Cupertino have not wanted to specify the reason why these cars will be operating during these two weeks, but we can almost ensure that it is done in order to improve the application and service that Apple gives to users .

No doubt this news shows us that Apple wants to give greater importance to their services by improving them and giving better support to users with them. Now we are waiting to see what improvements Apple's map application brings us, and if in the future we will see some update that shows that Apple has bet on equating its service with others that take some advantage .
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