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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

They can restore the Apple Watch through iTunes

Although it is a problem that affects a minimum number of users, it is possible that the Apple Watch is disabled when installing some watchOS beta.
If this happens, unfortunately the only solution is to request an appointment in an Apple Store and physically go with the clock, which can be a real nuisance in many cases.
Well, a Twitter user named Alireza has found the solution to be able to restore the Apple Watch from home through iTunes , although that is not a simple or inexpensive process.

How to restore Apple Watch via iTunes with iBus

For this, the user used iBus , an unofficial accessory that allows to connect any Apple Watch with a computer using a Lightning cable.
Basically, and although in the video above the steps are explained perfectly, to restore an Apple Watch through you have to do the following:
  • Lift the Apple Watch port cover to which we will connect the iBus adapter.
  • Place the iBus adapter, whose price ranges from $ 100 to $ 200 depending on the model, to Apple Watch.
  • Connect the Lightning cable to the adapter and its USB port to a computer that has iTunes.
  • Download the corresponding watchOS version with your device through the following link .
  • Activate Apple Watch DFU mode with iTunes open by holding down both buttons until the clock turns off and then stops pressing the side button.
  • Now you can select the .ipsw file that you downloaded previously, do it.
  • At this point, just wait a few minutes to complete the restoration process.
You see, this is not a process suitable for all audiences , especially considering that the accessory is not exactly cheap, but even so, it is interesting to see how it is not totally mandatory to go to an Apple Store to be able to restore our Apple Watch.

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