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Monday, July 10, 2017

Third Beta TVOS 11 Available for Developers

Since WWDC 2017 just over a month, in which Apple gave us many fascinating details about many products, both physical and virtual that are ready or are already on the market today. In the software section we can find great innovations especially in the operating system of Macs, macOS High Sierra, although in the same section of iPhone and iPad, iOS 11, we can not say the same since according to the vast majority of users who Have made use of this new iOS have not come out very satisfied , we should also keep in mind that it is still in the beta phase and we will soon be able to know more about it.

Have you forgotten the Apple TV?

One of the operating systems we talked about, though almost nothing compared to the aforementioned, is tvOS 11 , the software used by Apple TV. As with the other two, iOS and macOS, said they would start the beta phase of the three at a time, that until July would not be the public beta and in September would officially leave. The news of the day regarding the tvOS 11 is that the third beta has come out, and although we are already in July, it is still exclusively for developers.
This new fourth-generation software from Apple TV today introduced this new phase of the beta for registered developers, which presents some improved features, such as the automatic connectivity of AirPods to Apple TV without the need for a configuration Manual , Airplay 2, Automatic Sync with Home.
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Realistically, Apple has left its beloved smart TV , the direct and top rival of all smartTVs in the market with a big difference, but it seems that the competition is progressing and closing the great chasm that separates the Apple TV Of the rest , so the apple bite company is starting to get down to work to bring order to the market while still being leaders in it.
We are very pleased and grateful to the company of Cupertino for giving back the love of their forgotten products that they deserve and need. We hope that we can all have access to the public beta soon, because it can not take long since the estimate put by Apple was in July .

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