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Sunday, July 9, 2017

This is the difference between deleting and unsubscribing messages in WhatsApp

For months now you have heard about a new feature that will be included in the WhatsApp application . Apparently, they have realized that if they do not continue to innovate in this competitive world, people will eventually move to other instant messaging applications with more features. The WhatsApp team wants to get an advantage over their competitors and so they want to include the function of canceling messages in a conversation .

What is the difference between canceling and deleting?

It sounds pretty similar, but there is a very big difference between these two functions . The delete messages function was previously available in the application and this erased the messages on our phone, but did not delete them from the phones that had received the message .
On the other hand, the function void messages gives us the ability to delete the messages we have sent by mistake and we do not want anyone else to see . Of course, if the recipient of the message has already seen it before it is deleted, nothing can be done.
Once our message is canceled, it will be replaced by the text: "Message Voided" , this will mean the person who receives the message, we have written something that we are not proud of and we do not want anyone else to see it.
Cancel message WhatsappWe do not know exactly when we will have this feature available on our phones, but seeing all the rumors, it should be around the corner waiting to be released . And even more considering that competitors such as Telegram have been incorporating this function for months.
Remember that until this function arrives, there is no way to delete a message from everywhere. We must keep in mind that currently the "Delete message" function only removes it from our chat , any other person who has received the message, can read it.

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