Thursday, July 13, 2017

This is the Google Pixel XL second generation, also all screen, which will have to compete future iPhones

Google Pixel XL full screen

It seems that the fashion of turning the smartphone into a huge screen that occupies the vast majority of the front of the machine is here to stay. After Samsung made this feature the main novelty of its Galaxy S8 , or LG did the same with its Q6 , now Android Police shows us what they think could be the Google Pixel XL of this year 2017, the second generation ... and as you can guess, it is a smartphone that is also full screen .
It seems to be that the image comes from a very reliable source, and they give it a lot of credibility, an 8 out of 10. It is still unclear if it will be the final design, but it seems like the whole front screen is going to be the feature Which sets the smartphones of this year 2017, and if rumors are met, Apple will join the iPhone Pro , iPhone 8as they finally want to call it.
It is important to know how the main smartphones in the competition will be to understand what machines will have to compete future models of iPhone, always taking into account that Apple could pull out two new iPhone models that are an evolution of the iPhone 7, and a new Model that follows this new line of design all-screen , OLED in this case, and without Home button ... an iPhone that could be quite more expensive because of the limitations that would imply making something so novel to the volume that Apple needs .
By the way, it's curious to see the fingerprint sensor there ... on the back of the terminal. Nothing is clear yet whether Apple will do the same, whether it will integrate it under the screen or even the power button ... or even if it will completely eliminate it , something that we sincerely hope will not happen.
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