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Monday, July 24, 2017

This is how Apple seeks to get rid of Samsung

Everything seems to indicate that OLED technology is the future of the upcoming iPhone models. If all the previous rumors pointed to Apple will have a OLED screen of 5.8 inches on its next iPhone 8 (iPhone tenth edition or whatever you want to call it), now the rumors of this technology return.

When Samsung becomes your supplier of screens by necessity

Samsung may become the supplier of OLED screens Apple in the not too distant future, we know that the Korean manufacturer is the largest supplier of this technology worldwide. Although Apple does not like it, it will need the help of Samsung in the short term , however, what will happen in the medium or long term ?. Everything points to Apple is already thinking about developing an OLED technology of its own so as not to depend so much on its biggest competitor.
Apple and Samsung
The rivalry between both brands comes in the field of building materials
According to reports compiled by ET News , Apple has been buying machinery with chemical steam technology (CVD) from Sunic Systems in Korea, in addition, Apple would have set up a research and development plant in Taiwan for the creation of mobile screens with OLED technology . Our colleagues at ET News point out that Cupertino's are trying to develop a new OLED technology so they do not depend on Samsung for years to come .
Although Apple wants to develop its own technology, the California firm does not want to be the ultimate maker of this technology it develops for future screens. A mission that would pass to its Chinese manufacturers like Foxconn or Pegatron .

Apple to develop its own OLED technology

The machines with chemical vapor deposition technology (CVD) that would have bought Apple are necessary when making OLED panels. It is a very limited machine, very expensive to acquire but also, are machines that are currently controlled by Canon Tokki, a Japanese company whose main customer is Samsung Display .
The directors of Cupertino seek to equip their other suppliers of these machines, so that dependency with Samsung is not too large. For this, it is necessary that the production chains of OLED panels reach more suppliers for the launch of the iPhone 8 and future devices of the company.
IPhone 8 Screen Protector
Possible screen of the iPhone 8 in which a sensor can be seen in the front that could serve for the facial unblocking
OLED technology could be the future of panels facing future models of iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch . Although these rumors are not new, it seems that the development of this technology by Apple could continue in its early stages of development.
Until those of Cupertino do not get bigger machinery and to be able to provide it to its other suppliers, Samsung will have a rather important business with Apple. Several sources say that Samsung would already have an order for 160 million OLED panels for the next two years . To save time, the next iPhone 7s could continue to incorporate panels with IPS technology.

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