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This is how Do Not Disturb function while driving from iOS 11

IOS 11 introduces a new Do Not Disturb feature while driving that is designed to block incoming calls and notifications while you're in the car , with the aim of reducing distractions and avoiding traffic accidents. Do you want to see it?
IOS 11 beta
This Do Not Disturb function, which is in place from iOS9 , blocks incoming notifications during the period indicated, either manually or programmed, for example while you are sleeping. Do not disturb while driving can be programmed to be activated automatically, when connected to a Bluetooth car, or also manually .
With the automatic adjustment, Do Not Disturb while Driving will turn on every time the iPhone detects the acceleration of the vehicle , an option that could be inconvenient when you go as a passenger (although it can be disabled in these cases). The configuration of Bluetooth activates the function of each time the phone is connected to the vehicle, a very important option to consider if you are the only person driving the car; And manually, which as its name indicates, allows you to activate it from the Control Center.
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While this possibility is active, your mission will be to silence incoming phone calls, notifications and text messages and also the screen of your iPhone will remain inactive. There is an option to send a message to your contacts that lets them know that you are behind the wheel and that you will contact them later . In case of an emergency, a person who is trying to contact you through messaging while driving can deactivate Do Not Disturb by sending a second urgent message. The auto responder can be customized and activated for all specific contacts or groups as a favorite.
Car Mount for iPhone
Phone calls are allowed whenever an iPhone connects to the Bluetooth of a car or a hands-free accessory, allowing you to respond without having to pick up the phone. If you are not connected to Bluetooth or a compatible accessory, your calls will be blocked .
Do not disturb while driving is an easy way to avoid distractions and break statistics, which are alarming on our roads. It is very common to see people with the mobile in hand as they circulate, and if we add the inadequacy of some situations behind the wheel we have the perfect cocktail . We consider that it can be a very option to take into account from this autumn, with the definitive exit of iOS 11 .
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