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Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Jailbreak returns the iOS 10 Control Center to iOS 11

Although it seems like yesterday, the WWDC 2017 took place on June 5, the conference in which Apple presents the products that will soon be released for sale, both software and hardware, or just let us know about projects that have in mind for A near future. The big unknown of all this event is undoubtedly the iPhone 8, which, apart from being the most expensive terminal not only the bite apple but also.

IOS 11, worse than expected

Iphone 8 with iOS 11
One of the most characteristic and high expectations, leaving aside the iPhone 8 obviously, is the new software that will incorporate both the iPhone and iPad, as long as you have a device of this brand compatible with that system Operating . It was believed by the Cupertino company that this new iOS would have great success and that it would have a warm welcome, but nothing further from reality. Most of the users who have gone through beta or developer phases of iOS 11 have been very disappointed to see the amount of unnecessary changes in this software, also keep in mind that it is still in beta,
This new operating system is now public beta, that is, within reach of anyone , but until now was only available to developers and will not be running in the market until September, so we hope that Apple finishes polishing the Errors that this software has and is most wanted within the iOS community.
Ios 11 on ipad and iphone
If you have used any of the beta phases of iOS 11 you may have noticed that the Control Center is different and the previous one, iOS 10, was much more comfortable and practical. If you were one of those who prefer this application as it was before, we have good news for you: there has been a Jailbreak with which you can return to have the Control Center of iOS 10 in iOS 11 , that is, have the usefulness of iOS 10 without Remove all the news that gives us the new version.
This WWDC has been an explosion for the world of electronics thanks to all the news that Apple has presented us. Not only the new iOS, but also the new macOS High Sierra , which has more than 30 hidden features that can make the routine much easier.

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