Monday, July 31, 2017

This will be the iPhone 8 according to the HomePod firmware

It was last week when the people of Cupertino released the first beta for developers of the HomePod firmware . This way the developers have been working to discover all the secrets that could be lodged in these lines of code.
So it has been as we have discovered some of the interactions that we did not know until now and that in the future we can have with this new intelligent speaker that will soon be released, but the big news today comes when developers have found data of the future iPhone 8 in these Lines of code of the HomePod .
It was precisely the already well - known developer Steve Troughton-Smith , who has shown us what are some of the features of the iPhone 8 have been confirmed with this firmware HomePod.
Apple's HomePod against Amazon and Google wizards
In particular, it is mentioned that between the code it is confirmed that the next terminal of the Apple will have facial recognition based on 3D technology , a feature that had already rumored for this terminal and even some media ensured that it would be the substitute of the Touch ID For the terminals of the apple.
We will have to wait to see if Appe bet exclusively on this method of unlocking its terminals, or if it will really keep its Touch ID in addition to include this new form of unlocking .
Homepod filters front iPhone 8
The other new thing that has shown us this developer is an image of the physical aspect that will have the iPhone 8, something that came in this firmware and that confirms the design that we have been seeing for months of Apple terminal .
Undoubtedly with all this, what we have left, is that Apple will launch to prepare the presentation of its next terminal since if it is not for some things or for others, we already know much of the news that Apple and his IPhone 8 once they are introduced.
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