Monday, July 31, 2017

This would be the iPhone 8 in the whole range of colors of the iPhone 7

Martin Hajek is a designer who is known in the Apple world for his concepts of iPhone. Each year usually presents several, based on the rumors and leaks that appear, and in many cases hits the nail completely with its renders.
Recently, Hajek wanted to imagine what an iPhone 8 would look like in white . And this year, virtually all concepts and renders that we are seeing the new Apple OLED iPhone show us in black and, in fact, the rumors suggest that we will have very little variety of colors to choose from .
Now, the designer has wanted to go a step further and, ignoring the rumors, has imagined how an iPhone 8 would look with the design we have seen in most leaks, but with the same range of colors with the That Apple released the iPhone 7 in due course . Namely: matte black, glossy black, silver, gold and rose gold.
As is customary in it, Martin Hajek has done a great job, showing us the five models of iPhone 8 from all angles, and in detail. Another thing is that the result like more or less.
And it is that, as beautiful as the iPhones in the whole range of colors, we are not convinced that in the models of color silver, gold and rose gold, the frontal frames are white, especially in the upper area of ​​the Screen, where the iPhone 8 has a kind of tab that houses the front camera, the speaker and some sensors. Ideally, the frame should be black, so that it fuses with the screen.
The OLED screens are able to show a pure black, so if Apple puts the status icons on a black background on both sides of the top tab, we would not distinguish the frame at all, and this would give the feeling of being in front of a phone All screen, no frame. If, on the contrary, the frame is white, this illusion would not be possible, so it seems unlikely that Apple will opt for this option.
What is your opinion? Would you like Apple to launch the iPhone 8 in the same range of colors as the iPhone 7?
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