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Monday, July 24, 2017

To the most economical AirPods Alternatives

Apple's AirPods make you feel. We all wish we could have saved the money to buy them, go to your Apple Store and have them exhausted. "They arrive to us with eyedroppers" they say, and certain it is. They are an object of desire . But do not despair, if your desire can more than your patience you should know that there are cheaper alternatives. Okay, they're not from Apple and they're not that cool, but they might squash your hype and get you to save a bunch of euros. Let's get to know them.

Mini Bluetooth Wireless Headset SAVFY

Its small size make it very camouflable, have Bluetooth technology 4.1 and logically are compatible with your iPhone. They include the charger, which with a simple charge gives you for 2 or 3 hours of music .
Mini Bluetooth Wireless Headset SAVFY€ 79.19TO BUY
PVP € 79.19

Syllable D900 Mini

Even a price of almost half that the previous ones, they have an autonomy of 1 hour and a half. They weigh only 5 grams each .
Syllable D900 Mini€ 39.99TO BUY
PVP 39,99 €

Truly MindKoo True Mini X1T

Probably the cheapest we can find, come with the charger included and are specialized for sports activities .
Truly MindKoo True Mini X1T€ 0.00TO BUY
PVP € 22.99
We think that these three alternatives that we have offered can make you rethink the purchase of the original AirPods. If you have not had the opportunity to try them out, tell them that basically the quality of hearing of these is not that it is sensibly superior to the EarPods that come with your iPhone. So why do they have that scandalous price? Because behind them there is a lot of research , the engineers of Apple had to juggle to put that technology in such a small space.
IPhone AirPods
In addition, it is probably the headphones that have a really perfect synchronization . We believe that the investment, if you can do it, is worth it. If you think you do not or do not want to spend so much money, weigh these three alternatives as options to take into account. Enjoying your favorite music does not have to be painful for your pocket .

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