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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trump has achieved, Apple will open three factories in the US

It seems that Donald J. Trump has succeeded, Apple gives its arm to twist and will open three new plants in the United States. According to Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) himself, his  company will open three (big big big plants) plants with a considerable size.

Donald Trump gets Apple to build new factories in the US

These three new production plants in the United States were shared these days by the CEO of Apple to the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Subsequently, the news was shared by the president himself in an interview with the newspaper " The Wall Street Journal ". This statement from Cook took place at the last " Technological Executives Summit" at Trump Tower last December.
Donald Trump, Tim Cook, Peter Thiel
Donald Trump along with Tim Cook and other CEOs at the Technology Summit
Tim Cook's proposal to the president of the United States was to build "three large and beautiful plants , " however, Apple's top leader did not provide additional information about the possible availability of this plan . At the moment, everything is still a secret about the plans of these possible factories of Apple, it is not known exactly what they are going to manufacture nor its location within the American territory.
I talked to Mr. Cook, he promised me three big plants: big, big, big ," Trump said in a debate on corporate tax reform and business investment. "I let Tim know, unless you start building your plants in this country, I will not be able to see my administration as an economic success . In the days that followed, Tim called to let me know that the plans were going ahead. "

At the moment, nobody confirms or denies anything

Apple representatives declined to clarify President Trump's statement.
Apple has been studying different proposals to manufacture certain components or devices in the United States since Trump threatened the Cupertino company during the presidential campaign last year.
Foxconn employees working for Apple in China
Foxconn employees working for Apple in China
We're going to get Apple to start building his damn computers and things in this country instead of other countries, " a much-talked about phrase pronounced by the now-president during a campaign speech at Liberty University in Virginia in 2016. To make it look Trump threatened to introduce a 45% tax on certain imported products such as China (iPhone country of origin).
After pressure from Trump, Apple asked several of its Chinese suppliers (Foxconn and Pegatron) to search for certain Apple products in the United States.
While Pegatron declined Apple's proposition, Foxconn did look for alternatives such as building a TFT-LCD factory in the United States. This may be one of three companies that Tim Cook considers opening on American soil. Some rumors suggest that such a factory might open in the state of Wisconsin because of the facility to build such plant in this state.
Although Apple is beginning to rethink the opening of these factories, Tim Cook already explained that the future iPhone will continue to be manufactured in China, due to the skill of the workforce in that country. "China put an emphasis on manufacturing, the United States stopped having as many vocational skills as before, so the manufacture of certain products will continue to be in China ."

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