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Monday, July 3, 2017

Trump's plan for broadband in rural areas continues, but at what price?

As we all know, last November 8 happened something that we feared the vast majority of people around the world, but that is, despite Clinton crushing Donald Trump in pre-ballot polls, Trump managed to win by one Difference greater than expected. Although elected last year as president-elect of the United States, he was not able to practice as such until January of the current year . A curious fact is that after being elected, he was advised to switch from Android to iOS for security reasons
One of the plans that the current president of the first world power proposed to carry out was the arrival of broadband internet to all parts of the country, including all rural areas . According to sources, incredible data revealed that in only 55% of rural areas in the United States the speed of descent was less than 25 MB per second, this is qualified as an adequate service by the government.

High risk, but great reward

The blank Apple logo on a pile of money
As Trump said in his day, he wanted companies within the country to grow and not have to manufacture or develop their products outside their borders, a clear example of this is the case he had with Apple , since the company of Cupertino Manufactures its terminals in China due to the low cost. So one of Trump's current plans is this, reaching all corners of the country and improving the speed of the internet in these , although what the Americans do not know is that this could cost up to 80 trillion dollars, a figure Which could put the country in serious trouble.
The purpose of this plan is to help all companies located in rural and remote areas of the city with a lower internet speed to the average accepted by the government to increase their income thus improving the quality of the line to be able to operate A faster way and get bigger benefits at the end of the month.
Message from Tim Cook after election of Donald Trump
If this plan worked out well, we would not have anything against Trump, so far he's been doing everything he said, such as lowering unemployment and increasing employment within the country. It seems that the controversial and controversial president of the United States is not as bad as the media in different parts of the world painted it , although Apple staff like Tim Cook himself is against several of his plans .

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